The Front Line Heroes

This event is now over.

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you did not get a chance to join us, please consider donating below. There are many who still need our support and aid. 

Ken Yeager, PHD STAR Program Director

Adam Carr SAW Master Integrator

Shawn Stevens State Representative District 68

Last year, I was handing out flyers for A Blessing To Be A Blessing’s very first Golf Outing Event. I took Flyers to many Police and Fire Stations all around town. When I was in Westerville, I stopped at the Spring St. Fire Station location. I handed a Flyer to Andy Hicks, who this year has just retired from being the City of Westerville’s Fire Chief! The very next location I went to was the Fire Station off of Big Walnut Rd. and Route 3. As soon as I opened up the front door, there was Chase Hicks, Andy Hicks’ son, who is a Firefighter! I introduced myself, handed him a Flyer. I asked if Chase is related to the Fire Chief in Westerville, and he said yes that is my father! We exchanged contact information and I thanked him for his service! After our golf outing event was over, and shortly after our first YouTube Video was made, I sent Chase Hicks a link to the video to show him, and I also told him that I want to do another fundraiser to raise money to buy cars for First Responders and Military families. Chase’s response was a very long text message back that said, “That was a very well done video! If I may make a suggestion. All first responders, military, and veterans all are experiencing the same number 1 issue in this country, which is mental health. The mental health system needs a revamp and someone willing to take the lead. Most issues we see are from addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTS. I challenge you to create some sort of system for mental health with the caring aspects through the church, and with a staff that is trained. Somewhere where a medic can take someone in need, to get help and consistent follow ups without questions asked. You would have every Union and Department and the Public Service Sector on Board and Willing to Donate if it is DONE RIGHT! This is Obviously way more than a single year’s worth of work, and a huge task that MANY have failed. With you though I see motivation, and desire to help the mental health for people, and that will help whole communities! If you want to take on a task this BIG, I’m at your full disposal. Good job, glad to see your first golf outing was a huge success!” After I read Chase’s text message, I was moved and motivated with a reason and a meaning to help and fight! God placed many people in my life back to back that are first responders, active military, non active military, doctors and nurses! I heard some stories about people with PTS and how bad it has affected them and their families, and how many lives were being lost by them committing suiside. My heart grew on fire, and since then I’ve been eager to get the world to know what PTS is and how we need to love on the people who save our lives, keep us safe, and who protect our country. This Golf Outing is to raise awareness around the world about PTS, and to have everyone appreciate, love and respect doctors, nurses, military and first responders at the highest levels possible, for what they have to see and go through on a day to day basis.


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